Validating your Smartphone Purchase! (Tuesday Podcast)

Welcome to Tuesday’s Podcast, where I cover a topic every week.  Today I speak about how some people look to confirm their purchases, and how they should not.

In most cases, people tend to look for someone else to make a choice for them, and this is the wrong way to shop.  What I’ve noticed is that most people are so unsure of what they really need, and want…that they look to someone else for it.  If you are going to shop for a new product, just go out and buy it.  If you can avoid it, do not WAIT on reviews from others to post on YouTube.  Solely basing your decision on that, is not a wise decision.  I know some people might say that YouTube is a great place to find out about upcoming devices, however…it is not the best way to shop for your next smartphone.  If you really want to try something, take a chance and go out on your own.

Do not look to others to confirm your purchase, after you have already made it.  If you like it, keep it.  Make it work for you.

Take a listen, and Enjoy!


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