Is 30GB of data per month enough?

While I don’t use this much data per month on my smartphone, some people still do…and even more in some cases.


I personally think this is overkill at this point, because most people should just be on WiFi if they are going to sue this much data per month. However, I do understand that some people say that aren’t near WiFi enough to do so because of work maybe.  Whatever the case may be, it’s still a lot of data.  But if you are on T-Mobile, they are raising their DATA cap to 30GB’s per month, from 22GB for those that need a little more.  They will still slow you down after that, but at least they are giving you some more high speed data for free.  ( I guess)

I remember when there were no data caps, and some people in the tech world took advantage of this, by doing what’s called tethering.  It’s a way to use your smartphone data, to get internet on other devices.  Well, once carriers got wind of this…they swiftly began to block it.  People got upset, and that was the beginning of where we are now.  I think that if you need the much data, well…something is wrong.  What could yo possibly be doing on your smartphone with all that data?  Well, hmmm..streaming just to stream.

But now, almost all the places and things we stream are FREE with T-Mobile.  So I think we really should be able to stay under 5GB per month with realistic usage.  Now in the statement below, it’s speaking of their New plan, T-MOBILE ONE.  So if you are any other plan, I’d do some research.

The T-Mobile ONE Fair Usage commitment is how we ensure that the highest number of customers have the best possible experience for the most common uses on our network. To ensure that smartphones and tablets have fair access to the network, we will monitor mobile hotspot/tethering usage on a regular basis to ensure that mobile hotspot usage is both reasonable and fair. The T-Mobile ONE service is designed to be used primarily on smartphones and tablets. The T-Mobile ONE mobile hotspot features are intended for personal mobile connectivity, not intended to be a complete broadband replacement for multiple users over an extended period of time. If a customer is in the top 3% of data users during a billing cycle (over 30 GB/mo.) and using their device as a mobile hotspot for the majority of their use over an extended period of time – we may contact you to discuss your plan and your options.

Okay, I’ve ranted enough, hit the source like for more information about your favorite carrier.



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