HTC U Ultra Battery 1 day charge, 5 hours screen on time.

So the new HTC U Ultra has been I question by many people, and so may are wondering what it’s like. Well, that’s what we will talk about.

So as you can see in the screen shots, I’m getting just over 5 hours of screen on time over wifi usage only, and on LTE I am getting just under 5 hours of screen on time.  The battery life on this phone is about average for todays market with these specs in my opinion, and you will for sure make it through a full work day.

Aside from the battery life, there are some other things that might not be appealing to some. 

  • Size of the device
  • Back panel (slippery)

The phone it’s really slippery, and will fall out of your hands or pocket. The included case is not really helpful either, but adding more of a slippery touch than the phone. While it will protect from scrapes and bumps, it won’t protect from serious drops or give grip. 

The phone is a little bigger than the average phone, but I like big phones. To some people though, this might pose an issue. It will be a two handed device for most people, and it can be hard to reach all corners. 

Using the device for the last 2 or 3 days has been a real pleasure, and I first it to overall be an amazing phone. 


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