Old tech, is the new tech!

I’ve heard and seen many people say not to buy last year tech, when in fact you should buy last year tech to save lots of money.

New smartphones are released every 2 to 3 months now, and it’s hard to keep up. If you are in the market for a new device, always look for deals. Buying the latest and greatest is probably not the right choice, and here’s why.

The previous year of that device you might be looking at is probably on sale, and it probably has pretty much the same specs inside with minor upgrades. A lot of device manufacturers do not give big upgrades on devices, that come every year. In most cases, the device just looks a little different and there are few added bonuses. You can more than likely find the older version for more than $200 less than the current model, which is huge savings.

When you read a statement, last year’s tech, we are only talking about 3 to 6 months ago. The smartphone industry is fast, and it’s always going to be a race to the so called finish line (which will not come). Every OEM only wants to be better than the other, and this is good for us. As they battle and keep pushing out devices, we can grab them at great prices if we wait. If you can avoid jumping out there at launch, you can get some great deals on today’s tech. Having the Snapdragon 1000 over the 900, is not going to make you any cooler to your friends. It’s only a number on paper, that no real consumer cares about. Only the tech world does, and from where I sit it means very little now.

With the prices of smartphones going higher and higher, and consumers getting less it seems. Why rush the purchase?  You can have a powerhouse in your hand for well under the original cost, if you are willing to wait a few months. I’d say it’s worth it.

Another thing to consider, is grabbing smartphones for 1 or 2 years back. Now before you say, no way! Consider those devices that we might be looking at. Most are still in the current series of processors, and will perform everyday task like the current version. Now these device will be even lower in price, with savings of more than $300 to $400. I’d say that’s a steal.

So if you think today’s latest and greatest is the best way to go, I’d say you should still consider last year’s tech.

One Reply to “Old tech, is the new tech!”

  1. J I just picked up a Galaxy J7 from Metro on their recent price drop. I could have ported in some throwaway number to get it for free, but since I already have Metro I didn’t feel right about that and paid $100 which was still a steal. The J7 now joins the ZMax Pro as my two favorite phones! Your reviews have opened me up to a whole different line of products.


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