Is this the new 2017 Moto X?

So the Moto X is a device loved by many, including myself. However, Motorola/Lenovo has not officially said anything, just leaks so far. 

This phone pictured shows a dual camera lens on the back, and honestly it looks weird to me. This phone also like very similar to the newly released Moto G5 Plus, so it could be a fake. Or it could be another version of the Moto G5 Plus. Because the specs do not say Moto X 2017 at all, based on all other X line devices. 

Snapdragon 625 processor, 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of internal storage. The screen is believed to be a 1080p panel measuring 5.5 inches. 


One Reply to “Is this the new 2017 Moto X?”

  1. This would’ve been a great moto g5 plus & the existing g5 plus with the 5.2inch screen be branded as the regular g5


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