Samsung Galaxy S8, is it just another pretty face?

I’ve posted several videos on the Samsung Galaxy S8, and it’s a great phone.  In the short time I’ve had the device, it’s very impressive. It has a beautiful screen, decent battery, and really nice cameras.  The size of the phone is actually is just right, and easy to hold in your hand or tuck away in a pocket.  But there’s just something about this phone that I think is missing, and I don’t know what it is.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the phone. But as I said in my previous videos and post there’s no wow factor to it. It seems this is just another Samsung device, and I have plenty of those. Now I am using the Galaxy S8, and not the Galaxy S8 Plus. However I think there still more to be desired.  I think the one thing I’m waiting on, is the release of the Galaxy Note 8! I will try my hand at the Galaxy S8 Plus soon, and that 6.2 inch display might just be what I REALLY nice. The S8 is so tiny, it’s unreal. The screen may be 5.8 inches, but it’s super narrow. I got some cases in the S8 Plus, it may just be a better experience with me. Having a bigger screen and battery are always a PLUS! (Pun intended). 

I’ve been reviewing phones for a long time, and some phones really stand out immediately when I first get them. Like the Axon 7, the Sony Xperia XA ultra, Moto G5 Plus, and several others.  Below are some problems or issues that I have with this device.

  • Battery life (no more than 5 hours of screen on time) Depends on the User!
  • Front camera focus hunting
  • Samsung UI is STILL a little sluggish at times
  • Curved screen

Now there are several other things that I really like about the device, I’ll list them now.

  • Screen Quality 
  • Rear camera
  • Memory 64GB
  • SD Card Slot
  • Iris scanner
  • Speaker quality 
  • Build Quality 
  • Size of the device 
  • Call Quality on T-Mobile is good
  • Fast Charging

Now I’ve already had to do a factory reset, because I was having some problems with the software and the signal strength. After doing that, those two were solved. Except for a little bit of lag it is that is still here.  When navigating through the UI it appears to be sluggish at times, but this is only if I’m using touch wiz (Samsung Experience). However, when I switch to nova launcher this phone moves really fast.  It has the latest processor available from QUALCOMM, which is the snapdragon 835.  I think Samsung should have put 6GBs of RAM in this phone, it desperately needs it.  At least in my experience. 

I’m sure you’re reading this and thinking to yourself, wow he really hates this phone. Well you would be wrong.  I’m actually really enjoying this device, and it’s a pleasure to use.  But you must remember that no phone is flawless, and everyone’s experience will be different.  I know some of you want me to praise this device, because I can see it in your comments on YouTube. However, please remember this is my experience and my thoughts on this device, and I’ve always been honest and open about my opinions on smartphones.  With that being said, this is just another form of freedom of Tech speech. I’ve written lots of articles on different smart phones and they all are completely different.  

I think this device is a great purchase for a person looking for a somewhat of a future proof device from Samsung, but only time will tell of this phone gets the attention it deserves. 

Currently some uses are experiencing a red tent on their display, and Samsung has already came to the rescue with the software update. An article was released by the Wall Street Journal stating that this will be happening soon, so look for on your devices in the weeks to come. I think with extended use I’ll be really happy with this device, because like I said before the hardware is beautiful. But I need more than just beautiful hardware, I need solid software on my $750 device.  When I compare the software to others that I have, (Sense UI or LGs skin), the software is by far the heaviest skin of them all and the most sluggish.  

Overall it may not seem like it but I am happy with my purchase. It’s just that there are other phones out there that cost less, and might be a little bit more appealing. And some other phones may offer a better software experience as well, i.e. The Moto G5 Plus, Moto Z Play, or LG G6!  Coming in at merely a fraction of the cost of a galaxy S8, or the S8 Plus they are solid performers with superior battery life.  You may not have the high resolution display on all of them out there, or the best cameras. However, the Moto G5 Plus gets high praise from me with its premiums offerings, and low price tag. 

Now I know this article won’t sit well with a lot of people, but that’s OK. Just remember, you’re reading my thoughts and opinions not your own.  It’s ok to agree, to disagree!  

I’m going to continue to use the galaxy S8 for the next few weeks, or maybe a month just to really get a feel for it.  I mean it’s only been a few days. But the first impression sometimes can be a lasting impression.  This is a no way my full review of the galaxy S8, just my thoughts up to the point.  I’ll keep ya posted on this device in the future, stay tuned right here for more.  

Below are some the videos about the Samsung Galaxy S8, so leave a comment and enjoy.

One Reply to “Samsung Galaxy S8, is it just another pretty face?”

  1. I appreciate your honesty! I had a feeling that TouchWiz would continue to be so bloated. I really like LGs UI a lot more, but that wasn’t the case a few years ago. I’m so glad LG scaled back the notification panel.


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