IPad Pro 9.7 Bluetooth Keyboard $50 Upgrade!


So tablets seem to be a thing of the past? Note really, they just need some good accessories to make them better!

Apple iPad tablets are very popular, and plenty of people are still using an iPad today.  I’m one of them. My latest purchase for my iPad Pro 9.7 is a new Bluetooth keyboard. This keyboard as you can see in the photos and the video, it’s very nice. The functionality of this keyboard makes my iPad appear to function just as good as my MacBook Pro.

The keyboard is very clicky, and has good travel and feedback.  Kinda reminds me of my MacBook Pro from 2015.  All the shortcuts you would fine on my MacBook keyboard, are right here on this keyboard. This case is also a stand alone, so leave the keyboard portion at home if you want to.  All the ports on the iPad while in the case, lined up perfectly and function as they are supposed to. This is the biggest keyboard, but it is a full board. With copy and paste, and all the function you find on a Mac keyboard.20170527_220309

This keyboard is also backlit, and you can change it to several different colors seven to be exact. Battery life on the keyboard so far has been great. Connecting the keyboard to your iPad is fast, and easy. When you close the iPad it turns off the screen, and locks it. Which I feel is a nice touch.

All in all I think you’ll be pleased with this purchase so take a look at the video to break and some photos. I’ll also post the link for purchase.


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