Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Camera is very good! Photos inside! 

So I’ve been using the Samsung galaxy S8 Plus for a week now, and I’ve taken several photos.  I’ve learned a lot about the device.

The rear camera takes great picture, and does very well with video as well. While it’s noty top camera, it’s near the top for sure.  Photos and video are very nice, and show very clearly in low light. I tried to push the phone in lower lighting situations, and when doing so I was impressed.

For video, the phone is strong, but seems to over saturate at times.  Same goes for the still photos, but they still look very nice.

I’m not a person that takes professional pictures, but I have these high powered devices to do it for me.  If you didn’t know it, I love taking pictures of the clouds and the sky.  I’ve got several pictures below, please check them out.

Macro shots are very easy to do with the Galaxy S8 Plus, and can be done without any challenges. But enough of me telling you, I can show you.

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