2017 5k Apple iMac 27″ 5k w/Retina Display is a MUST buy for me!

There are plenty of computers out there, but in my personal opinion and experience, not very many are matching Apple computers.  Let’s talk about the new 2017 5k Apple iMac!

When I first heard about this computer back in 2013, I was super excited, and I wanted to get it right away.  But I know waiting is always good, and you can get better deals when you wait.  I actually didn’t get the 2013 or the 2015 models, and I’m glad I didn’t.  The newer version I purchased has some GREAT specs, and is what I needed.

  • 27 inch 5k Screen 5120 by 2880
  • 500 nits brightness
  • 3.4ghz Quad Core i5
  • Turbo Boost to 3.8ghz
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM (upgradeable)
  • 1TB Fusion Drive
  • Radeon Pro 570 Graphics
  • 4GB of VRAM
  • Stereo Speaker
  • 3.5mm Headphone jack
  • 4 USB 3.0 Ports
  • 2 Thurderbolt 3 Ports
  • 1 Gigabit Ethernet Port
  • 1 SDXC Card Slot
  • Kensington Lock Slot
  • Magic Mouse 2
  • Price $1799 Plus Tax
  • Apple Care $169
  • Apple Keyboard updgrade $30

Listed above is the model I have, but you can really spec this thing out and end up spending more than $5000 ( paid just over $2000).  I don’t think you really need to do that, so just upgrade the RAM (which I will be doing later), and you will be fine.

I use this computer for all of my editing needs now, and also it’s great for media content as well. I don’t use any special editing software on my Mac like I did with my Windows 10 computer, as I feel iMovie is MORE than enough for beginners.  Super easy to use, and it works very well.  It’s fast, and can edit 4k content with ease.

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 4.07.58 PM

The screen on this computer is so amazing, I mean come on…it’s 5k. 5120 by 2880!  If you’ve never seen it in person, head over to your local Apple Store and enjoy what you see. There are is no better experience I’ve seen yet on a pc, and I don’t think it gets any better than this. You have more than enough screen get things done, and I’m telling you it’s amazing.

keyboardApple released a new keyboard with a number pad, which was a much needed upgrade from the small one they had been offering in the past.  I think it’s crazy we have to pay for it though, greedy much? It’s just a keyboard, but Apple is squeezing money from every angle.  The good part is that if you pick it at your check out, you only have to pay an extra $30 instead of $130 full cost.  I guess that is a good thing right? NOPE. I don’t like paying for things like this, when it should just be standard I believe.  With that being said, it’s a great keyboard.  I love the travel and feedback I get when you using it, nothing feels better than being able to type fast and it’s wireless.  There is no delay from the keyboard to the iMac, thanks to apples great wireless connections.  It’s light weight, and is easy to move around.

trackpadNow it came with the new Magic Mouse 2, but I already have the Magic Trackpad 2.  I highly recommend you buy this, and do it at your checkout as well if you can.  If not, you will spend a lot more buying it as a stand alone.  The trackpad is just a must for editing, and can’t be matched when it comes to gestures.  (I bought mine when I bought my MacBook Pro 2016)  The mouse is just too small, and is very difficult for basic use on for editing in my opinion.  The trackpad is HUGE, and you can get some much done with it compared to the mouse.


The mouse does come free, and it will be good enough to get you started if you do not do much editing.  But even so, using the trackpad is just a better experience.

Now the camera on the iMac is far from HD in my opinion, it just doesn’t cut with todays standards, and is a real letdown. I would prefer to use the built in camera whenever I can on a device, but this is just ridiculous. Apple can clearly upgrade this camera, but they just will not do it.  Look at the sample below.  iMac on the Left, and my Logitech on the right.  Very sad, that in 2017 on this great machine…this is what they are doing.  Apple, GET IT TOGETHER PLEASE!

Photo on 6-21-17 at 4.30 PMPhoto on 6-21-17 at 4.30 PM #2






The processing power on this computer is just crazy, and it should last me for some years to come.  I got the base model, if you wanna call it base.  It’s blazing fast, and shows no signs of slowing down based on my history with apple computers.  I don’t think I can use a Windows PC full time again, it just doesn’t feel right.  The Apple echo system is just well tuned, and performs so much better than ANY PC I’ve used.  It’s just that simple.

The speakers on this computer are flat out SICK. You do not need to buy an external set of speakers, as these have plenty of bass and treble to please you with daily use.  They are very loud, and place at the bottom of the screen.  You can’t see them, but you can for sure hear them.  Sound is booming, and I don’t have to raise if more than half way to get some great sound.  (Sound test in the video below) If you do want to crank it up, you can.  It does not distort at the high volume.  Apple did good on this.

The 1TB Fusion drive is enough storage, and is performing very well right now. However, I’m adding an external SSD from Samsung for more speed while editing.  This is a trick that a lot of people who edit do, and it’s a must.  My current SSD is not as fast as I would want, so I’m upgrading soon.  I’ll have a video on it later.  The speed of this machine is so fast, it’s just mind blowing.  If you’ve never used a Mac before, give them a try.  It will make you rethink why you were using a Windows PC.  I could go on and on with this post, but I won’t.  I will say this, Apple could have taken away the big bezels, and stretched this screen to 30 inches in the same body.  But they didn’t.  So oh well.

Link to the unboxing and hands on below.  Do you use a Mac or PC?

2 Replies to “2017 5k Apple iMac 27″ 5k w/Retina Display is a MUST buy for me!”

  1. Was going to ask about that Fusion Drive. So it’s not as fast as a normal SSD right? That’s why I put in a 1 terabyte SSD in my Mac Mini along with 16 gigs of RAM and that thing flies.

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    1. Yep, it’s fast..but you can’t select how you want to use the partition. IE. It’s split into two pieces, and part of it is the SSD other part the HDD. Well, Apple does not let you put files just on the SSD portion. It watches your habits, and slowly puts your most frequently used things on the SSD so they can run faster. So yep, it can be fast..but I’m not gonna hack it to get access. I’ll just hook up my external SSD. Probably solved.


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