Why are iPad users mad at me? Find out here!

In this video, it appears I’ve upset some of my apple fans.  Or did I? Nope I’m totally serious, and it’s very strange that people are a little bothered by MY purchase, the MY money.  How is this?  I review tech, ALL tech…so this kinda caught me off guard.  So much that it earned a post here, I hope you enjoy all the craziness that is happening in the comments.  (Disclaimer: I’ve deleted nearly 50 or more comments, because they were personal attacks…which is overkill.). But you be the judge, and watch the video and find out why so many people are saying I’m crazy!

(This might seem like click bait, but it’s not. It’s really a video that I posted on my YouTube channel, and people freaked out).  I think it’s kinda funny though, to see how people respond to things.  Enjoy.



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