Samsung Galaxy Note 8 VS HTC U11 Cameras! Who has the better cameras?

In today’s market of smartphones, there are lots to pick from that have great cameras.  It’s no secret I have named the HTC U11 my phone of the year so far, and it has stood tall.  I’ve also gone on record, and let the world know that the U11 has by far the BEST cameras on a smartphone.  I still today feel this is true.

Samsung has done a great job with the Note 8 cameras, bringing us things we have only IMG_20170905_215102seen first on a smartphone. Dual OIS on both the of the rear cameras.  However,  when I’m not shooting footage on the rear cameras, the front camera is not that impressive.  The Galaxy Note 8 front camera has so much potential, it’s crazy.  It can shoot in 1440p!!!  That’s 2k folks, and this is really good.  However, it still does not match the front cameras on the U11, and almost appears to be washed out in video and photos in most cases.  I’ve posted some shot below, and you decide what you think.

The pictures on the U11 come out more vibrant on the front, and look more realistic.  The Note 8 front camera has some issues with white balance it appears, and looks somewhat flat all the time.  The rear cameras both are in so many ways the same, but Samsung has mastered the art of making a photo appear more vibrant than any other phone (rear camera). The Note 8 will probably always come out on top when it comes to video using 4k, and lots of motion.

The Galaxy Note 8 has improved on their Pro Mode, and looks really nice when using it for videos or photos.  With the U11 it’s the same, looks great too.  My only battle really is with the front camera for the most part on the Note 8. It’s just not as good as it could be in my opinion.  I’m sure a software update WILL fix this.

I will say this. The way a photos look will be different to each person, but I think in my use the front camera on the Note 8 needs some improvements to keep up with the U11.  Now switching gears to the rear camera, the U11 has been almost equally matched by most of the phones I’ve put it up against.  The U11 rear camera does well in almost ALL lighting situations, which can’t be said for most other phones.

The Galaxy Note 8 does however keep up, and also does better in 4k footage when moving around or walking.  The dual OIS is just amazing to say the least, and it will take a lot of other phones a while to catch up I think.  Samsung is already looking improve on this, with future software updates I’m sure.  So they will almost always be ahead of the rest.  At least for a while.  Check out the photo samples below, and you tell me how you feel about the Galaxy Note 8 VS HTC U11 cameras.  Which one do you think works better for you?

Galaxy Note 8 Shots


HTC U11 Shots

Galaxy Note 8 VS HTC U11 full video comparison

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