Essential Phone PH-1 

Well it was only a matter of time, and that time has come. 

This phone has premium hardware that is unmatched by several phones on the market, including my beloved HTC U11. It just screams beauty!

The phone has a heft to it that just let’s you know, it’s a great device for hardware and it’s actually there. I really like the full screen display of this phone, and how it flows to the edges. There plenty of phones that are out, and lots coming with bezels that will be slim. This phone is one of the first, and it’s very impressive.

The spec rundown

  • 5.71 Screen 1312 X 2560
  • 13mp Dual Rear Cameras (4k recording)
  • 8mp Front Camera (4k recording)
  • Titanium Body with Ceramic back
  • 128GB internal storage
  • 4GB RAM
  • Snapdragon 835
  • 3040mAh Battery
  • Fast Charging
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Fingerprint Reader

The build quality alone is amazing, as no other phones has this type of build.


The Cameras on this phone from what I’ve read everywhere, are the worst part of the device.  However, that is totally subjective.  In my first impressions, I like it.  I used it in very low light…and it did well. (See video). No it is not better than my U11 at this point, but a software update can help at least.  Since I’ve written this article, I’ve gotten both the latest update for the phone. 64C and 81C, which gave me an update on the camera.  (I’ll do an updated video later.)

There is also a 360 Camera that if you preordered back at launch, you can attach it to the little magnets on the back of the phone.  I can’t wait to try this out, as I really like doing 360.  But the best part of this 360 Cam, is 4k recording.  That should be great. My camera will be here soon, so an updated video on this as well is coming.


The screen is absolutely amazing, and I think colors look great on here.  After using the phone all day, I don’t even notice the camera in the center.  I am however worried about this issue with my iPhone X, hoping it will disappear as well.  I buy phones, and use them for daily drivers to give you a real world J. Williams experience.  Nothing more, nothing less.  We will all see things differently, as we have a different set of eyes.  However, from where I sit at the moment…this phone is looking like a great buy.

I tested the phone over T-Mobile network, and made a few calls.  I saw a video of a person saying calls were hard, and he could not hear people because of the weird earpiece.  Now, after several calls…I just don’t understand how he came to this conclusion.  Calls were SUPER clear, and no distortion at all.  The earpiece is slim, but they worked that out just fine.  No worries. The PH-1 is unlocked, and will work on all carriers to my understanding.

Software on this phone is well, stock android.  So I have no complaints, and I don’t foresee me having any either.  I like stock to a certain point, but it can get a little dry at times.  But for good performance, I will take it.  No skin, means less issues in most cases.  I am also hoping for speedy updates.  More to come soon.

Video at the break, see you in the next update.

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