iPhone X | Hype Season is over! iPhone users rejoice!

I’ve had every iPhone thats been released, and by far this is the best one yet.

Apple has done a lot to keep up with their products, and this one has far exceeded my expectations. The new iPhone X is a solid device, and I think iPhone users should rejoice.

This phone has premium hardware, and is sure to please any user wether their android or iOS fans. I like the design of this device, even though it’s so different from what Apple has done in the past. This is what I’ve been waiting on from Apple, and I finally got it. Apple tends to be the last of everything, but when they do make something they really do a good job at it.

The screen on device is an AMOLED display, and it is absolutely gorgeous. There’s a 5.8 inch display, and a 2716mAh battery. The device comes with either 64 gigs of memory or 256 gigs of memory, with a hefty price tag of $999 or $1149. It does have fast charging, but the power cable and charging brick are not included. (Seek elsewhere for those at at lower cost than what Apple wants) The phone is water resistant and also offers wireless charging now, which is a step up from the older models Apple once made. The phone has dual 12 megapixel cameras on the rear and 7 megapixel camera on the front, both of which have portrait mode.

Camera quality on the new iPhone X is absolutely great, I have no complaints and I love the footage that is produced from these cameras. The rear camera does 4K at 60fps, it’s absolutely stunning.

Battery life on my iPhone X has been very solid, giving me a full days use with more to spare. iOS users from previous iPhones will not really have to learn much, well not really. This phone is now based on gestures.

Wanna unlock you phone? Use your face.

Wanna use Apple Pay? Use your face, after you double press the power button.

Wanna see your battery life? Swipe down rom the top right corner.

Wanna see your notifications? Swipe down from the top left corner.

Wanna switch apps? Swipe along the bottom of the screen, or swipe up from the bottom HOLD as you come up then pause.

Wanna use Siri? Long press the power button.

Wanna take a screen shot? Press the power button and volume up at the same time.

Wanna power off the phone? Long Press the power button, and the volume up or down at the same time.

UGH!!!!!! Come on Apple, come on!

Some will tell you there is a slight learning curve, but I say it might some people a while to get USED TO DOING ALL OF THESE THINGS. Learning how to do them is easy, remembering is another story.

The iPhone X is a great phone, but it’s. It for everyone. It’s a sleek new phone, that does all the things your previous iPhone did. Just better, and with a little bit of a twist. Some features, and a fun way to keep you entertained after you’ve spent over $1000 on this sob of glass and metal.

My extended look with videos is below, enjoy!

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