My Canon EOS M50 | It’s amazing!

In the world of cameras, I’ve learned that I like Mirrorless cameras a little better than DSLR’s. Reason is, because of how great they are for VLOGs. Footage is amazing for front facing video, and really solid for YouTube. These cameras are not cheap, and will cost you a pretty penny if you decide to invest. I think if you are in the need for a good camera for YouTube, try out a mirrorless camera.

I went from the Canon EOS M100, to the EOS SL2, back to the M100, and now I’m with the M50. It’s got lots of upgrades, and I’m super excited to have this one in my office. I purchased this camera while on sale for $699.99 plus all taxes, bringing it to about $760 our the door. Normally this camera would cost you $899.99 plus taxes and any fees that might apply. However, if you are can catch it. on sale, do so and fast. Footage from this camera is so stunning, and will you will pleased when taking photos as well. Please take a look at some sample footage, and phots below. To me, this is a major win for those on a budget, and do not want to spend too much on a camera.

You can buy different lenses, and I recommend you do once you are able to. The camera can record in 4k [24fps], 1080p 60, 30fps, and also do 720p high frame rate slow motion. I will never really use the slow motion, but it is something I think it good to have on a camera.

I’ll be posting more footage soon, but for now enjoy the video at the break.

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