YouTube or IGTV?

So with all the things we have for watching content online, YouTube seems to be the one people go to.  If it’s shopping; streaming a movie; hair care; makeup; tech; you name it.  It’s on YouTube.  However, Instagram is looking to change this…or at least try.

IGTV was announced a while back, and it seems to be very solid so far. I’ve posted a few things on there, and short answer is.  I like it.  However, that doesn’t mean I’m all in and will be stopping my YouTube channel just yet.  The idea of being able to showcase what you want online, and get people to watch you is nice.  But that is not really the case with IGTV, or YouTube.  Why?  Well, it’s one-sided.  They play favorites.  They don’t give you the fair look you might deserve.  On the surface, it’s seem like it’s a leveled playing field.  But dig deeper, and you will find there is more to it.  One thing in particular that stands out is this, discovered my my buddy Grant S. SourceSource


Now when you see this, I’m sure you are thinking wait a minute.  There is a lot going on here.  First, others might have access some don’t from the beginning. Second, why? This is a question I’ve asked a bunch of times, and it just comes down to money.  Companies want to make money, and they want YOUR money.  Even IGTV will monetize soon, and if you are not apart of the IN crowd, you don’t get heard or seen.  YouTube tries to call them ‘key influencers’ I call it a shame.  Because in MOST cases, they people I get the truth from don’t have 1 million followers. Heck they don’t even have 100000.  Again. Why do I watch them?  Well, I want the truth.  Take a look at all the ‘key influencers’ you see online.  Tell me if you TRULY believe what they are saying to you?  Or are they just trying to get you to buy something that you really don’t need?

In the end, I’m a creator and a viewer.  I look at the same people, do the same thing.  And ya know what, I think it’s gonna be the same on IGTV.  However, I’m still hopeful that one day we can see what we call a ‘leveled playing field’ online.  Until then, I will remain apart of a different group of content creators, that work hard on their own with no freebies or backdoor dealings.

I’m not upset, so please don’t read this post that way.  What I’m doing, is what I’ve always done.  Tell you might true thoughts on things.

J. Williams

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