How to protect your Galaxy Note 9!

So the Note 9 is a great device, but like most phones…it still needs protection.  The way I like to do it, is with a skin.  I don’t like cases very much, because I like to feel the phone in hand with the least amount of bulk.  Slickwraps has a naked skin that I bought, and I can recommend this to those of you who do not like cases.  This method will not protect you from drops, or even minor scrapes on the sides.  But it will give your phone grip in most cases, and some style.

Now the reason I got the clear matte skin, is because I have a cloud silver Galaxy Note 9, which is so fresh and crisp looking.  I didn’t want to block that with just anything, so matte clear is the way for me.  They do have a gloss clear as well, but to me that doesn’t make sense as the phone is already glossy and clear on the back.  So I’ve put together a complete walk-through for those wondering how to do this, and also how it will look on your shiny new Note 9.  The skin is always on sale, as I got mine for $7 dollars or so, but it cost me $3 to get it shipped. Horrible shipping cost, I know.  So hit the video at the break, and enjoy.  Oh yeah, this is NOT sponsored, I just wanted to share my experience with you.

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