OnePlus 6 | 3 Full days later…I love it.

You should not be surprised that I like the Oneplus 6, because well….I have like ALL of the OnePlus devices.  They are offer more, for less…but still don’t offer it all.

But with the Oneplus 6, they have managed to grab my top slot over the iPhone XR.  I’m not mad either.  While I think the Pixel 3 is great, it’s no OnePlus 6.  This phone gives double RAM and Storage, and for almost half price.  I love my Pixel 3, does have some things this phone does not, but I’ll talk about in another post.

The 6, is better than several other phones out there for one reason.  SPEED.  It’s fast folks, I mean really fast for daily task.  I’m wondering why a person would NOT buy the oneplus phones, well.  Oneplus will need to fix that, and they are starting with T-Mobile and the 6T on 11.01.18 .

The oneplus 6 doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of today’s so called flagships, but it’s right there with them.  Yeah, no…

  • Wireless charging
  • IP rating
  • SD Card slot
  • Quad HD screen

But those things are not on my list of must have.  So if they leave those off, and keep the price low..I’m all in.  Watch this video, and find out how I really feel so far.

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