Pixel 3 Cameras, another look!

Google Pixel 3 Simply is the BEST phone for photos, night or day!

So I was out at an event, and decided to use the Pixel 3 for all if my photos. What I found was this phones camera is nothing short of amazing for photos, it’s simply that good.

At the hotel, it was fairly dark got the most part. But this still did not stop the Pixel 3 from skiing through with the ability to take great photos.

I took some random photos of things around the hotel, and it was so though it was not phased by anything. I felt that with all the bad times I had with video recording on the phone, I wanted to highlight pictures that come from this phone. I’ve got them down below, so take a look and tell me what you think.

I personally couldn’t be more happy with the pixel 3, in nearly any situation. Even in very low light, these camera did very well. It produced the colors accurately, and I didn’t have to take a second shot or try again when taking photos. Coming from an average consumer standpoint, this phone will blow you away.




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