Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 | Unboxing & full walk through!

So this is going to be a very detailed walk through of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, and you will enjoy it. I go into depth with this one, and show you all of the phone in this intro video. The specs on this phone are just crazy, let alone the hardware.

Xiaomi decided NOT to do the cutout at the top of the screen, and put a slider in the phone with lots of magnets. So for those wondering, it’s super snappy and very fast. Here is a quick spec rundown…

  • Sliding screen
  • 24mp + 2mp Front cameras
  • Fast face Unlock
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Dual 12mp rear cameras
  • 6.39 inch 1080p Super AMOLED HDR display
  • Type C w/fast charging
  • Wireless charging (Free wireless charger in the box)
  • 256 GB, 8/10 GB RAM or 128 GB, 6/8 GB RAM
  • Snapdragon 845
  • Android Pie under MiUi 10
  • 3200mAh Battery (Quick charging 4.0+)
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Ceramic Build

With all those features packed in, you can only hope the phone is amazing. I can tell you with my first impressions, I’m impressed. The hardware is just great on this phone, and should impress many people that get their hands on it. The screen is good, like a Samsung phone…because it has a Samsung display. The speaker is a little on the weaker side, and will need to be cranked up to really enjoy it. There is no headphone jack on this phone, so Bluetooth or a dongle is the way you will need to go. This is the Chinese version that I have, but it has LTE bands for the US. It is missing band 30, 66, and 71. But you will still get LTE in the US, just check out the speed test I did in the video below.

The phone is very fast in my initial impressions, and I don’t see it slowing down any time soon. The cameras are AI cameras, and I’m impressed so far. However, the Night mode on this phone is WAY behind the Pixel 3 Night Sight. It looks bad, flat out. But regular photos, and video recording is GREAT. Portrait mode, time lapse, etc…all here on this great phone. Enough for now…don’t want to spoil it too much for you. Hit the play button below. Here is a link to buy this model that I have at a GREAT price.

Buy the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 for $559 with this coupon code GBMP1111MIX (Limited quantity)

Purchase Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

Black https://goo.gl/Lmtv5X
Green https://goo.gl/9WQw36
Blue https://goo.gl/xPkcy7


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