A full month with a great, overpriced phone. Pixel 3

This is by far one of the best phones I’ve ever owned, coming in at a card price tag. I can’t tell you to buy it just yet, but do it if you want one of the best Android phones.

Google has given this phone some of the top features of what’s considered a flagship phone, however they also have it a very high price tag. Which is a for sure down fall for those trying to get it from Google directly. Not if you can get a promo from Verizon, grab it.

Specs are this phone are great, cameras are amazing, and the software is top notch! But the issue is this phone is a hard sale only because of price, and a couple of software bugs. If you can wait on Google to fix those software issues, you have a jewel.

Another issue that this phone has, is the oneplus 6t. It’s only $629 for 256gb model with 8gb of RAM. So how can I tell a person to spend $799 on this phone I have with 4gb of RAM, and 64gb storage? I can’t.

The hardware is amazing on the Pixel 3 to me, but some don’t like it. I think this looks very nice, and it does not have the famous cutout at the top on the front glass.

Speakers are just superb on this phone, maxing out with no distortion in my use. Battery life has improved with use and seems to be steady at about 5 to 6 goes off screen on time, coupled with about 24 to 28 hours on a charge.

All in all this phone is a win, but it’s got some stiff completion lately and Google needs to do something. Fast!

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