Phones I still use in 2019!

I’ve got several phones, but some are just great and still work fine. In this post you will see two of my favorite phones I don’t talk about much anymore, but still use regularly. The iPhone X and iPhone SE!

Both are solid in hardware, and software.

  • Cameras
  • Battery
  • Performance
  • Updates

Are just a few things I love about some iPhones that get released, however these 2 are over a year old. They are still up to date, and still work like brand new. These used to be the top phones of their time, and still compete and crush some phones being released. They offer something that most people like in phones.

  • Small size
  • Powerful
  • Fun to use

The iPhone SE is much lower in price right now, but the iPhone X is still up there. Coming in at over $500 to $900 where it’s still being sold. Both of these are discontinued by Apple, but lots of places still sell them. Videos at the break with my thoughts on using them today, enjoy.

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