Yoga C630 (13″) 2-in-1 Windows on Snapdragon! 45 Days later.

I can’t say that I would tell EVERYone to go buy this, but I can recommend it to a few people.  

This is the first Windows on Snapdragon laptop, and Lenovo did a pretty good job considering the challenges they faced.  This laptop is not for everyone, and as I type up this post on it…I love the keyboard.  Which is one of the main things I would tell a person if they asked.  It does have other things you will like as well, but the keyboard is just so good.  It has great travel and feedback when typing, and feels really good for extended use.  I’ve learned that I don’t type any faster, but it feels better than all of my other laptops when typing for a long time or just a quick blog.  It’s also backlit, so that is a major bonus, because some laptops are not.  You will be able to type at night, and even dim the lights on the keyboard if you want.

The screen is really good, coming in at 1080p and it’s touch screen.  I don’t use the touch


screen much, but at least it’s there.  The front camera has held up very well, and takes decent photos and video.  Nothing to run home about, but at least it’s not 480p like my $2000 iMac. UGH.


The battery life is another place where this phone does very well, lasting me at least a full week or more depending on my usage.  I can get about 22 to 25 hours of usage in that weeks time, and I’d say that is pretty awesome.  It has great standby time, which really helps if you are on the move and don’t like to carry a charger around.

  • Stereo speakers
  • Fingerprint login
  • Touch screen
  • Convertible
  • Decent cameras
  • GREAT battery life
  • LTE for all carriers


  • BAD Price
  • A little sluggish for 8GB’s of RAM
  • Not a speedy laptop either, (blame the Snapdragon)

The LTE works like it should, giving me strong signal on T-Mobile USA but it works on all carrier, Verizon being the top spot according to Lenovo.

All in all, I don’t need to run down each thing, but I will say this.  Somehow, they selected to price this laptop REALLY high for some reason.  Which is why I started this post with that statement I made, it’s not for everyone.  I like it for a number a reasons, but the price might be a major turnoff for most people.  Considering what you can get for much less, ie. Chromebooks perform much better than this laptop in my opinion.  Video at the break…

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