Galaxy S10e 24 hours later!

I decided to grab the international version of the new Galaxy S10e, because I wanted the best color option for me. I also got it for less than the US version, with double the storage.

I went with the prism green, and it’s so beautiful. The phone performs very well, and over been really impressed with the cameras on this phone. The front camera records in 4k, and it’s absolutely amazing in quality. I tried a live photo/portrait shot and it did pretty good. A little bit off by the top of my head near the fan, but it was a quick shot. No edits.

Battery life has been decent, and I won’t have an official thought on it and time soon. It’s still learning my usage.

For now the phone is really solid in performance, and I’ve had no issues. It’s only been 24 hours, so I have a ways to go before I can give final thoughts. Video at the break, and sample pictures below!

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