Galaxy S10e | Likes and dislikes!

When I buy phones for review, I try to be as realistic as possible.  The Galaxy S10e got the honest treatment.  Here are my thoughts…

I like this phone, and it’s a real competitor to ALL phones on the market.  But there is something about it, that just doesn’t stand out like I thought it would after owning it for some time now.

The screen is wonderful, and the hardware is great.  The software is the same from what I’ve seen from Sammy though….nothing really making me say it’s close to stock like I’ve heard some say.  It’s Touchwiz on steroids, that’s not a bad thing.  It’s just nothing new.  It has the latest android build, PIE…and it runs smooth.

The battery life on my S10e, was not the best because it’s not the snapdragon model.  But I can still make it through a day on a single charge, getting about 4 to 5 hours of screen on time.

Cameras are really solid, and now have unlimited recording on 4k…even at 60fps.  I really like them, and they are still one of the best I’ve used to date.  This phone will cost you between $600 and $749 depending on which model you buy.  Should you buy it?

Yes if you need a phone, and you are loyal to Samsung.  No if you phone works, or you do not like Samsung’s UI or products.  Yes if you want a powerhouse compact phone.  No if you don’t like small phones.  Yes if you don’t mind the camera on the front screen.  No if you don’t like the design.  This phone in my opinion, is a direct competitor to the iPhone X/XS.  Not the XR.  Video at the break…

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