OnePlus hates me! I think.

So purchased another oneplus 7 pro a while back, and well…it’s busted already.  I posted a video review of the cameras, and it was pointed out to me that the mics were bad.  At first i didn’t really think it was so, but after I checked it out…they were right. (see video below)

I actually got this phone again, because I wanted to give it another try.  At the beginning, I was having a really good experience, but once I found the mics to be bad….I had to head back to the store to exchange it.  Once I got to the store, I was turned off by the reps at the store.  They kinda laughed, and made fun at first.  I was offended, because I had to hold back whats I was really thinking.  (You young guys know very little about the stuff you sell, and are clueless about smartphones).  So I kept that in my head, so show them how to handle people who are not too bright.  Anyway, after some checking as they called it, they quickly realized that I was in fact being truthful and they looked silly.  I had the simply test it against their own store model, which they didn’t really seem like they wanted to at first.  But they did, and then stopped laughing and clowning around.

None the less, I was in the middle of my exchange….and I stopped the guy.  (See this is why I don’t like going into stores, and I don’t like store reps).  They get upset if you are not buying what they want you to buy, ie adding lines, cases, screen protectors, etc.  They appeared as though they didn’t want to deal with me, because they had to exchange the phone that was busted.  So decided to just not get another one, and I told them I will pay any fees I needed to pay.  He looked at me as though he was shocked, but what killed this deal is their attitudes.  If I get another 7 Pro, it will be from oneplus directly I guess.

Now the reason I titled this OnePlus hates me, is because I’m really trying to give this phone a chance, but I’m not gonna push it.  The first phone I had was good, but didn’t wow me….so I got rid of it.  The second one I bought, was doing great…but had busted mics.  What do you think?  Should I give it another try?

6 Replies to “OnePlus hates me! I think.”

  1. You know, I’ve also had my issues with OnePlus. My very first one I was so excited to get it delivered to the TMobile store in my town since I purchased the Nebula Blue, and three-four days later all of my text messages and data that had been ported over from my previous phone (HTC U11 Life+) deleted, completely and all gone! I immediately called OnePlus and the CSR couldn’t really do much but he did say that he could email me a few links to some recovery apps that can help me. He even said that success rate was pretty high, he also noted my issues and how it happened and advised me to call back if this did not work. After trying to use the app recovery steps I couldn’t get any data recovered. Next day I called spoke with another rep and told him that I needed to speak to someone who can actually help me and do something,,the dept supervisor got on the phone and tried to help me but with no success. And this is what really triggered my emotions even more, I then proceeded to let him know that I would be returning the device for a replacement and he quickly said I couldn’t do that. That I had to go through TMobile, I said it’s your brand your phone that is clearly malfunctioning and he said even so, you still need to go through TMobile. I then called TMobile and told the rep everything, she said, that is so wrong in so many ways because the phone has a one year manufacturer warranty on it and for them not to honor that was just insane! She took it upon herself to make notes of this situation and was going to call OnePlus herself and she got her supervisor in on the situation and she called OnePlus right there and then. She offered apologies and offered to exchange the phone and even resold me on it and pointed out great things about it and even said she had one but in Almond color and so I gave it another shot. I was getting ready to call it quits on this one but I’m giving it another try and it’s been about a month almost and it’s glitching on me. Haven’t had any data deleted (knock on wood) but it’s glitching during screen changes. It kinda like lags and leaves a 2 second or close to it pause on my screen. Not happening aften but it has and it happened three times just today! So I think I’m on the same boat as you J but many people are telling me now to just exchange it again for a new one. But I’m starting to seriously doubt the reliability of this phone. It came really close between the iPhone XS MAX and the OnePlus 7 Pro my current daily driver. So idk, not sure if I’m going to give it another try or not. But contrary to you, I have to stick to exchanging through TMobile because OnePlus won’t do it. Which really sucks!!! In order for OnePlus to exchange or repair your phone, you must have purchased the phone directly from them. Otherwise NO! That’s not right in my opinion! Good luck to you J, please inform us about your decision. I personally would like to know if you’ll give it another try or not. That other comment did say three times a charm but…..idk lol. I really have to be 100% convinced.
    Take care.


  2. Yea Id cut your losses. Sometimes a phone just isn’t a right fit but you def gave it more than a fair shot in my opinion anyway. I totally agree with Best Buy reps man. They always looking up the specs of a device they stand next to all day! Lol


  3. Man I got the OP7 Pro just to see what all the fuss was about. It’s a great phone but for me the software is the thing that draws me to the phone which is fine but my Pixel software is fine and has a better camera. Don’t think I’ll be keeping mine. My view is unless u just want to have the phone, u already have phones with cameras that outperform it so just pass by this one


  4. Mannnn I say cut your losses on OnePlus. Your luck just keeps running out with them. Doesn’t mean they’re bad phones, just not for you. Just like fruit: I don’t like bananas. They always make my stomach Doesn’t mean bananas aren’t good, I just have bad luck with them.


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