Sony Xperia 1 | The new Boss?

So I’ve waited a very long time for this phone, and it finally got here.  I purchased this phone from BH Photo, and got the $349 Sony WH-1000X M3 headphones free.  Ultimately snagging the phone for $600, and that is a great deal.  My first impressions of the phone, well…I’m impressed.  It feels really nice in the hand, and is very comfortable to hold.  Software is stock, and this is normal for Sony phones.

The cameras are what people really want to know about, so I’ll post some shots I took since I’ve had the phone.

The Video coming from the rear camera is really good in my first impressions, but I’ll update you on the journey with this phone.  (Video quality might not be at it’s highest, because of website down scaling.)  See better quality in the video walk-through below.

Full video unboxing and setup below, with a more extended look at the cameras and software.

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