Google Pixel Slate, it’s so NICE!

I’ve been using the Google Pixel Slate for some time now, and I had to give you another follow up. I’ve decided to unhook all other devices, and use this hybrid as a daily driver. I’m glad I did. I’ve got it linked with my new Thonet & Vander speakers, 34 inch ultrawide screen monitor, wireless mouse, and studio microphone. All of which are being handled fantastic, with no hit to the battery.


The Slate has just be great for media, web browsing, typing things for my website, etc. It’s simply just great. Speaking of typing, I using it to type this post. The keyboard is one of the BEST I’ve used on any device…period. One drawback, is that you will have trouble with this in your lap. So I’d avoid doing long periods that way if you need to get some serious work done. Put it on your desk or a table, and you are golden.

Battery life is excellent, it last all day and then some. Like I stated above, it has several things connected to it, and does not take a hit in battery life. Amazing, simply amazing.

I do have the core i5 model, so this is what my experience is based on. I’ve seen a few videos saying the core m3 is solid too, but none on the i7. The core m3 is as good processor, but it needs to coupled with the right setup. So if you have it, chime in and let me know how your experience is with it.

One thing I was not expecting to be good, were the cameras. They are actually REALLY good, see samples below. But I’ve used this tablet for a several live streams, and you guys were shocked at the quality. I was shocked too…

I like logging in with my finger, as it’s quick fast and easy. Setup was easy enough, and pain free when I did it initially. You will like this option.

Now using this as a tablet, is something that I have not done very much of, as it has some weight to it. I think I would get tired quickly holding thing thing for a long time. I’m using it full time as a laptop replacement, and it’s doing great.

The Slate has stereo speakers, and a great screen. At $749 w/keyboard directly from Google….this is a great deal to me. I also have the pen, and it is very useful. However, I don’t like not having a place to put the pen.

Another dislike is software, there is two of everything. Something I just don’t understand. I’ll have to go through and completely remove all the apps I guess that are not games. Because most of the apps, (not web apps), are not formatted for a tablet. Very sad.

One last drawback, is no native editing software…fix this Google and fast.

All in all, this is the BEST android tablet I could recommend right now. I don’t have the Galaxy Tab S6 yet, but I plan on grabbing it later on down the line.

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