2 of the best cases for your Galaxy Note 10 Plus!

There are more than enough choices when looking for a case, but the official Samsung case seen to be the best lately. I’ve been using the LED Wallet cover, and leather case from Samsung. Both of which I’ve grown to love in there last 10b days.

  • Leather Case $59.99

The Leather case they offer is simply great. It looks and feels really nice, giving grip and style. I can’t say it will protect your phone from a serious drop, but I can say it will for sure keep the phone looking brand new. It covers all the sides, except for the bottom of the phone. Now that might sound like a bad thing, but I don’t think so. You’ve got quick access to the SPen without any issues, along with the all other ports in the area. It also offers corner protection as well.

  • LED Wallet Cover $64.99

This is very nice, as it gives everyone features for your callers and can be customized to your liking per caller if you wish. Other than that, it’s a thin wallet case that offers some full coverage for your very expensive phone. I like that I can still talk on calls with the cover closed, huge plus as some flip cover cases can’t do this. Also this case shows animated notifications, calls and text.

Wireless charging works with both, as well as reverse wireless charging too. So take a look at the video and photos down below.



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