LG G8 ThinQ takes on the Galaxy Note 10 Cameras!

There are a lot of cameras out there, and the G8 has some of the BEST in the game. While I wait on my iPhone 11 Pro to arrive, I need to show you how the G8 took on the Note 10 Plus for video.

The G8 is my phone of choice, to benchmark other cameras. It has pro mode, great 4k 60fps video (with some limits), stereo recording with audio, and great wide angle recording.

  • However, it is limited with recording on 6 minutes of 4k video at 60fps, and will shut off at that time.
  • Heats up a little when recording at 4k video after a little bit of time.
  • Has trouble recording in artificial lighting in my experience.
  • Produces better colors in portrait video when recording.

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus on the other hand, is the challenger the G8 needed. It does very well in artificial lighting, and do good in outdoor settings.

  • Note 10 seems to look flat up against the G8 outside, but looks great in doors under the right lighting.
  • It has a limit of 8 minutes when recording at 4k 60fps
  • Has portrait video on the front and the back, but doesn’t look better than the G8.

So I compare them in video, and here is what I realized.

  • G8 produces colors more saturated 4k 60fps video, but looked better than Note 10 Plus which came across as flat
  • Note 10 Plus Looks better in 1080p recording
  • G8 looks better on Portrait video
  • G8 has louder audio, but Note 10 Plus audio sounds better.
  • Note 10 Plus has portrait video on both front and back
  • Note 10 Plus has telephoto lens
  • Both have nice wide angle lenses

The winner this time is the LG G8 ThinQ, BUT…The Note is my choice for recording in the office and videos for the channel, which I’ve used since I got it day 1. The G8 does NOT do well under LED lights in my opinion and experience. I know there will be some that disagree, and I understand that. Audio sounds GREAT on the Note 10 Plus, where as the G8 is sounds WAY too tinny! It’s like a sharp needle going in your ears when listening, unlike the Note 10 it sounds more natural and true to life.

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