The best screen protector for your Galaxy Note 10 Plus!

After all the issues I’ve had with BOTH glass screen protectors on my Galaxy Note 10 Plus devices, I have to say I’m happy I got this screen protector from Ringke.

This is a thick plastic screen guard, and it feels just like a glass one. It’s smooth to the touch, and does not hurt or affect the in screen fingerprint reader. There’s also no issues with the front camera, as it is being covered by the screen protector. Touch sensitivity is just as though it is not there, so this is a win.

The edges don’t peel, and it’s case friendly. So what more could you ask for? It’s only $9.99 for 2, so I’d recommend getting this over several others out there. Video installation at the break.

One Reply to “The best screen protector for your Galaxy Note 10 Plus!”

  1. I agree we now have to look for other options in screen protectors. White Stone Done has gone down in quality. There screen protectors feel thiner than they use to.


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