iPhone 11 Purple!

So with all the hope and hype I had for getting the new iPhone 11 Pro, I changed my mind once I used them all. Here’s why.

The pro models look great on paper, and physically look great too. However, I just couldn’t at this point, turn down the same cameras for a lower cost. Just didn’t make sense to me, and I don’t feel like I’m comprising in any way.

I used all 3 phones before buying, and cameras are one of the only things I need from an iPhone at this point.

The screen on all 3 are great, even though you will hear people saying that the iPhone 11 is trash. When I bought all 3 models last year, I got rid of all of them and kept my iPhone X (2017), and XR. I think this year, I’m rolling with the iPhone 11, because battery will be great and I get the same cameras minus the telephoto. Which after using, and looking at my current usage of phones that have it…I won’t use it.

Also, screen quality. It’s good on the pro models, but good on the 11 too. So instead of dropping a lot of money just to have an extra camera, and better specs on paper. I sill have not decided if I want to get the Pro just for review, but I will say that it’s not worth the extra based on what I’m seeing. The iPhone 11 is more than enough for me, ad I’m happy at this point. Maybe that will change, I am a techy.

So with that, check out the first impressions video below.

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