The new GEMPhone!

So there is no secret, a new phone is coming from the folks over at Essential.


Andy Rubin and Essential, both sent a tweets about the new device and it was absolutely GREAT!  It has a great looking design, which is what the industry needs right now in my opinion.  The phone appears to have a camera on the front and the rear, and gives a new design of a very looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong phone.  Which is for sure something that people will need to get used to.  But it will be easier than most than might think, because the 21:9 is great.

  • Easier to hold
  • More content on the screen
  • Sleek form factor

The UI was pointed out by Andy, as NEW.  So I’m hoping to see something really IMG_20191009_013647interesting and fresh.  It looks like a block change, and I’m hoping it’s backed by Android 10.  Developers will more than likely need to put in work for games, and videos…etc.  I also wondering how YouTube will be on this phone, or the camera app.  This is will be something new, I’m sure they have already got support for the basic social media apps.  Twitter, Instagram, etc.  We are in the early days, so let’s let the play out.  Video at the break…

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