Pixelbook Go | Mini Review…

So nothing is perfect, and every laptop has a shortcomings and it’s upsides. This is a brief and simple mini reviews for the Pixelbook Go.

So I’ve been using this laptop for approximately two weeks or so, and I wanted to give you a follow-up post and video review as well.  

A lot of people are going to complain about the price for the Pixelbook go, but we all have something that we like about what we buy.  Chrome OS is something that is being used in the education system right now, and it is very beneficial not only to students but regular consumers as well.

The Pixelbook Go on the other hand separates itself from other Chromebooks.  With sleek design; a beautiful screen; and a wonderful keyboard. It starts at $649, and goes all the way up to $1,399. Now while I wouldn’t spend that much on a laptop like this, for $900 it is definitely going to get you some great performance and value.

The model that I’m using has 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. Intel Core i5 processor inside as well. The front camera 2mp that shoots 1080p at 60fps, but does fall a little short in that area.  (camera sample below, hit the HD button before watching) And with no SD card slots that might be a problem for some period.



Other than those thing, I’m perfectly fine with the Pixelbook Go. Two Type-C ports, you can hook up a monitor; external keyboard; an external microphone; cameras; speakers; just about anything you can think of it can be done with the Pixelbook Go.

The keyboard on the other hand is something that you won’t need to to add, because the keyboard is fantastic. You can type until you heart is content, and others will not hear you.  Type for hours and hours and hours, you will be very comfortable using this keyboard.

The screen is a beautiful 13.3 inches coming in at 1080p, so20191022152132_IMG_2337  movies will look fantastic on it. Speaking of movies, it has stereo speakers that face up towards you, and they too are phenomenal. I showed you a quick video using the 2mp camera, and it is not the worst.  But to my standards, it actually will work great for video calls, because it has dual microphones. The sound quality is simply amazing. So, I won’t spoil it for you hit the video a link below, and you’ll enjoy a full video review from me.


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