iPhone 11 Deep Fusion! Gimmick?

So it’s no mystery that Apple is always saying they created something new…but what about Deep Fusion?

The new iPhones have come with this feature, and some are mind blown…but most are not.  Most don’t even know what it is, nor do they know how to turn it on in the settings.  So in this post, I take a look at what Apple is trying to sell me on with the new iPhone.

First off, the settings.  You will need to have your settings like mine, for it to work.  (See screenshot below.) . Next, starting taking photos.  You can find out if it’s even working by doing a full zoom after taking your shot.  See samples below.  Then you can decide if you thinks this feature is actually useful in daily life situations, or if you think you will never use at all.

I personally think the photos look great, but it’s nothing other phones can’t do.  That’s my issue with Apple when they start saying something is magical, or NEW.  There are plenty of phones, that can match even BEAT this quality without trying very hard. So I’ll leave it up to you to decide.  Gimmick, or really useful.  In the end, the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max have great cameras.  Video at the break…


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