Samsung Galaxy Z Flip or Flop?

Well, one thing is for sure…there will a TON of people saying this phone is a flop, and they didn’t buy it.  Now with all that non sense out of the way, THIS….PHONE…IS…BOSS!

I’ve been waiting for something that will wow these days, and this one hits it out of the park.  Worlds better than the original Fold release a while back, and much more practical for daily use.


  • Too many to list, but just look at the cons.  After those below, I like this phone A LOT!


  • Slippery design, will need a case right away.
  • High Price, but based on what I’m seeing here…hmm.  It’s Questionable!
  • No IP rating
  • Small screen on front when closed.
  • Battery is only 3300mAh (Not bad, but wanted bigger) Will test later

Samsung listened to us this time, but still kept a higher price tag.  I know why they did this, because there is a lot that goes into making a phone like this.  When it comes to comparing it to anything else out there, this is REAL movement forward.  No one is even trying to do anything like this, same from when we saw the first Galaxy Note device.  People laughed, but they were scared to try.  Samsung is known for trying, even if they fail the first time.  Check the video below, it’s an amazing device.


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