Samsung Galaxy Z Flip | It’s really good, BUT don’t buy it just yet.

The Galaxy Z Flip is a great phone, however I don’t think you should buy it just yet.

This phone has made me feel better about folding phones, this is true. But after some use for a while..I’ve learned a lot.  Here it is in full…enjoy.  Video down below as well.

I needed more from this phone…here is how I feel about this phone right now!

  • It’s not the fasting performing phone | For the price, I’d expect more.
  • It doesn’t have the best cameras | For the price, I’d expect more.
  • The screen is NICE, BUT! | For the price, I’d expect more.
  • No IP rating, and I understand. | For the price, I’d expect more.
  • No SD Card, which is crazy…so say it with me. | For the price, I’d expect more.
  • Way too fragile, but I knew that already. | For the price, I’d expect more.
  • Screen scratches too easy, and can be damaged by people quickly.
  • PRICE…PRICE…PRICE.  I got it at a discount, but you might not be able to.
  • Trade in value is HORRIBLE on this phone. Why Samsung? Why are you NOT offering $600 to $700 for phones on trade for this phone?
  • Expensive CASE! WHY? Not very many accessories at the moment.
  • Several other phones on the market, that cost LESS and have MORE!
  • One a single bottom firing speaker. | For the price, I’d expect more.
  • I could go on and on…but I’ll stop here.

Okay, now for a positive note on this phone!

  • Folding the phone into the seated position is VERY nice and useful.
  • Dual apps is cool, but nothing new.
  • Screen is beautiful, super amoled display.
  • Battery is GREAT. At least 6 hours of screen on time.
  • Cameras are good, but I wanted MORE.
  • Hardware and design are NICE, but I’d like more colors. (A Matte version)
  • Being able to store my phone in my pocket, is great at the small size when folded.
  • Performance is good, not great.  But it does work well….
  • Loud speaker…BUT, it needs another one on the top of the phone.
  • Volume rocker is WAY too high up on the phone.

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