Thank you…

The other day I hit 50 million views on my YouTube Channel, and 125 thousand followers some time before that. That’s not much to some, but for a person who’s just doing what he wants online at any given time…it’s amazing. I love tech, and have a passion for giving you what I consider my honest opinion on products.

Over the years, I’ve grown to where I am only because of you watching me and giving me feedback. I respect everyone’s opinion, and will take most people’s advice when given. The reason I say I’m just a man doing what I want, is because I don’t see this as work. You on the other hand probably see me as a tech reviewer/YouTuber, I just see myself as that guy who’s doing what he loves. I’ve also learned that I should listen to my audience, because you guys actually helped me a lot with my channel. If you didn’t watch me, I wouldn’t have all the views and followers right now.

I like to vlog, I like to do unboxings, reviews, and more.  So reaching a milestone of 50 million views on my channel coupled with 125000 subscribers, it’s truly an honor.   It just goes to show that if you’re doing something you like, it’ll never feel like work. You are in control of who you are on YouTube, and you control what you say and do on YouTube.

Make a difference while you can!


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