Huawei Mate 20 X VS Samsung Galaxy Note 9 | Who’s the Boss?

When it comes to big phones, there are lots to select from.  However, not all are good…and most can not do what the Galaxy Note 9 can do.  However, that doesn’t mean that the Galaxy Note 9 can’t be beat.  Here is my take on both of these titans, and how they stack up.

First this is my opinion, and I’m only giving you my thoughts objectively.

There are some areas I”m going to cover in this post, and you can also watch the video down below.  But here they are…

  • Design
  • Features/options
  • Screen 
  • Camera
  • Performance
  • Software
  • Battery
  • Price

Design.  This goes to the Mate 20 X, here’s why?  It has smooth edges, and not sharp like the Note 9.  It has a bigger screen, that is also AMOLED.  It may not be SUPER AMOLED, but it’s still great.  It looks better.  It has real stereo speakers.  It may be big, but it feels great in the hand compared to the sharp feel of the Note 9.  I could go on, but I’ll stop there.

Features/Options. This goes to the Galaxy Note 9.  There are not very many phones, that have more features and options than the Note 9.  It’s always been this way, and I think it will continue for some time to come.  Iris scanner; heart rate monitor; IP68; fingerprint reader; headphone jack; SPen suite; stereo speakers; and I could go on and on.

Screen. This can be tricking, but I give it to the Mate 20 X. Here is why? It is HDR 10 compliant just like the Note 9; it’s AMOLED like the Note 9 (not super though, as if that really means something); it’s bigger at 7.2 inches; in my opinion, it looks better than the Note 9 screen when watching HDR 10 content, and some media; and I could go on…

Cameras.  In most the settings I did in artificial lighting, the Note 9 did better on producing colors on the front camera, but there was not enough detail.  The Mate 20 X has more detail, but didn’t produce the colors as it should at times.  The rear camera is no contest, the Mate 20 X beats up on the Note 9 badly.  The Mate 20 X has a much more advanced set of cameras, and I didn’t go in to much detail as I’ve already covered this in another video on the channel.  I’ll link it here as well.

Performance/Software. They both do well, but I think the Samsung software might not be liked by many.  I like it a lot, and think it’s smooth.  The Huawei software is really smooth too, as I think it’s really nice as well.  WASH! I really can’t say the Kirin 980 beats up on the SD845, but I can say it is a POWERFUL processor, and I think the SD855 has it’s work cut out for it.

Battery Life.  This is easy, the Mate 20 X man handles the Note 9, because it has more mAh’s and the combination of processor and software optimizations make it a true winner in this battle.  It gets over 10 of SOT, and also last over a full day on a single charge.  The Note can’t do that.  The Mate 20 X can go 2 days or more, depending on who you are.

Price.  Well, the Note 9 is on carriers world wide, but the Mate 20 X isn’t.  However, it still comes in cheaper than the Note 9 ranging between 700 to 850 new.  That is a killer price.

My final thoughts are this.

I think the Mate 20 X is the better device for me, but I love my Note 9.  I named it device of the year for 2018, but this is 2019 and it’s got stiff competition now.  Not just from the 20 X.  The Mate 20 X checks lots of boxes, and can hold it’s own against the current champ of smartphone to many people.  This is a wonderful phone, and would for sure be liked by many if they could get their hands on it in the US carriers.  Some people in the US, seem to think they are limited to carrier phones, and that is a real shame.  If you think this phone is too big, Huawei made a smaller version that looks exactly the same.  The camera mp are a little different, but still produce the same great quality.

It has an IP rating of 53, so it’s splash proof like most of the Motorola phones today.

It has  the following…

  • Stereo speakers
  • 7.2 inch AMOLED display
  • Kirin 980 processor (7nm chip)
  • 6/8GB’s RAM or 128/256GB ROM
  • 5000mAh battery
  • Advanced AI Cameras
  • Android Pie
  • Dolby Atoms sound
  • Headphone Jack
  • Fingerprint reader
  • IP53 Rating
  • FAST facial recognition
  • BLAZING FAST CHARGING (you have to use the included cable and brick)
  • Optional Stylus
  • Options gaming pad
  • Connects to US LTE with NO issues


  • NO wireless charging



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