Galaxy Note 10 Plus VS Canon EOS SL3!

So the question is…

Have smartphones caught up to DSLRs or Mirrorless Cameras?

Well some say they have, and I bet a ton of people would say they have not. So I took one of the best phones I have, and put it right up against my Canon SL3. I learned several things, and I show them in the video below. But first…

My thoughts on phones vs cameras. Phones have a long way to go, before they can be taken serious when put next to a real camera.

Mirrorless it DSLR camera have way too many advantages, and no matter what a phone does it will be behind in my opinion.

Being able to change lenses, is one of the major advantages real cameras have. Smartphones have some advantages too, as they can be considered an all in one device fo a YouTuber. Record, edit, upload right on the device. Which is what lots of people do these days.

So in this setting, I took video in regular, wide, and portrait. Took a few photos from both, see samples below. Video at the break.

Canon EOS SL3

Galaxy Note 10 Plus

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