Off brand VS Otterbox!

There are a lot of people that would say you should never buy off brand cases, but for those of us who are in the know…we know better. There is really such thing in my opinion, of an OFF brand case. Most of the cases are made in the same place, and people get tricked into believing they are getting a quality case, because someone tells them they are. Well, I have always bought Otterbox, because I feel like they make great cases for drop protection. However, in the last couple of years, I’ve been slowly dropping off from buying them, unless I can get a good deal on one.

So for my Galaxy Note 10 Plus phones, I decided to hit amazon and ebay to look out for what some might say is a fake otterbox. After just 15 mins, I had made my purchase on amazon. I found two cases, hers and his.

The only thing I could find different from these cases, is the color shades. They are a little brighter in color, but look identical. I know this, because I went to Best Buy and checked out what is the branded Otterbox case. They look and feel the same, minus the Otterbox branding on the back.

The cover is textured the same, the inner cases is the same. Nothing is different…and I’ll bet they are coming from the same source if you dig back far enough. My point in this post is to save you money, something I always want to do. Get you a good deal. I’ve got a video walk through below, enjoy.

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